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Welcome to RBCC UCC

Richmond Beach Congregational Church is part of the United Church of Christ, a progressive Protestant denomination.  We are a "journey" church (as opposed to an "answer" church) which means that theological exploration is essential as we seek to discover what it means to be a human being in this world. 

The United Church of Christ

With God's help we are thoughtful compassionate Christians, Biblically rooted and continually guided by the Holy Spirit to love the whole of God's creation.  As a denomination, because we are called by God to follow the historic Jesus and risen Christ as the center of our faith,  We reach out in love and understanding to the whole of God's people, committed to ecumenical partnerships and action, listening for and honoring the prophetic voice.   We are churches of nurture and care, gathered in the life of Christ for faithful healing, celebration and growth.  We are centers of service seeking to build neighborhoods of decency and justice, and a world at peace.

(From the Pacific Northwest Conference vision statement of the UCC)

Our Local Church

RBCC became a reality on Sunday, March 1, 1891 when 7 people presented themselves for membership.  The current members and friends of RBCC-UCC carry on the 100-plus year old tradition of worship services and activities which are open and accepting of all who participate, a commitment to serving the broader community in a variety of ways, dedication to providing a nurturing place for children, youth, and adults to learn the Christian faith, and a place of fellowship for all ages.  We seek to offer a hospitable, meaningful and joyful worship service each week where all ages feel welcome.  We take the Bible seriously but not literally with respect for both the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.  We demand neither uncritical acceptance of any viewpoint, nor a rigid formulation of doctrine, but mutual understanding and respect.  Our faith is over 2000 years old. Our thinking is not.  

Our Misson Statement

Our Mission Statement of "Peace, Respect and Love In Action", was adopted by our Congregation on January 31, 2010.


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