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God is There.....Helping Children and Teens Cope

In response to parents' inquiries on how to help ourselves and our children and youth process the recent school shooting in Marysville, I've reposted an article I wrote 2 years ago when the Sandyhook school shooting took place.  Sadly, the information is still relevant and necessary.   

It is never an inappropriate time to take to heart how to help perpare our children and youth to cope with the fear and insecurity any tragedy brings.  Whether close to home or across the world. This article is only a faithful starting point.  If you have a need for more direction or resources, please contact me directly.  -Staci

God of our strength, calm our hearts when fear abounds.  Calm our hearts so we can hold to Your ways, Your truth, and Your Life.   You God are always near.  Amen


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