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Scenes from NYE

Wow!  What an incredible week the youth and I had at the UCC National Youth Event.  In the coming weeks, stories will be told, reflections shared, and memories revisited.  

I put together all the photos that I've taken and that the youth in large our group have shared with me.  I hope you will get cozy and take a look and get a glimpse at the truly amazing week we shared together as part of the Pacific Northwest Conference Youth at NYE.   

Our RBCC youth will share thier stories on Homecoming Sunday September 9th at 10:00am.  You won't want to miss it! 

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Follow our Youth to NYE!


12 RBCC UCC adults and youth will be leaving Saturday for Indiana and the UCC National Youth Event! 

Our church family has helped us have this incredible experience through financial support, prayer support, and enthusiasm!! 

We invite you to follow us to the National Youth Event: 

On-Line:  http://www.ucc.org/youth/nye/

Facebook:  RBCC Youth Group or United Church of Christ Youth

Twitter:  #TheUCCYouth

Blog:  rbccucc.org/according-to-staci

Check back and Follow us often for photos, trip reports, and LIVE streaming from NYE!

SEE!  God is doing a NEW THING through UCC Youth!



Gettin' Ready!

10 Youth and 2 adults from RBCC are gearing up to go across the country to Indiana for 3 days of community service and 4 days at the UCC National Youth Event.  This is an incredible opportunity for all 12 of us and we are all getting excited to leave on July 7th.  National Youth Event is held every 4 years, and is an opportunity for youth and adults to gather for service opportunities, worship, workshops, fun, and fellowship.  

Recently, I gave our youth who will be attending, the task of naming what they hoped to gain from the NYE experience.   Since the comedian David Letterman is from Indiana........the youth made a Top Ten list of their NYE wishes........a la David Letterman Top Ten Style: 



Top Ten things we want out of NYE in Indiana: The Coffee Edition

10.  Coffee of course! 

 9.   Other peoples's coffee......(Meet Others!) 

 8.   Help people make coffee...(Help Others!)

 7.   Learn about coffee...(Learn new things!)

 6.   Count the number of Starbucks...(be aware of our surroundings and experience new places!)

 5.   Talk and discuss coffee...(Talk and share with new people!)

 4.   Deep bottom of the heart talks about coffee....(Deep conversations with peeps/friends!)

 3.   Explore our individual coffee needs...(Learn new things about ourselves!)

 2.   Reflect on coffee...(Reflect on life!)

 1.   Enjoy coffee together...(Have Fun Together!)

Youth are awesome........Let the learning, service, faith and fun BEGIN!





Holy Expressions

This past Sunday, was Trinity Sunday.   A celebration of God!  Not to explain God, but to celebrate God's wonderful and mysterous presence made known to us in many ways. God as parent and creator, friend and guide, an everpresent breath of life.  

Before worship, children were given a free-form poem to write.  With the help of a few promts such as: words that descibe God, things that God does, words we would say to God, and names for God,  the children were able to express the many ways God is made known to each of them.  

These poems are Holy Expressions, and some were shared in worship.  I share them here for everyone:




Fair, Good 
Helping, Greeting, Playing with kids 
Thank you for doing all the good stuff 

Love, Kind
Loving, Helping,Giving
I Love You
My God

Hopeful, Helpful 
Loving, Caring, Blessing 
Thank You for loving me 
Good Shepherd 

Loving Entity 
Seeing, Non-Interfearing 
What's Up Dude?! 

Hopeful, Young
Helping, Loving, Caring
Hello God, I love you
The Spirit

Mighty yet Gentle
Teaching, Caring, Watching
Thank you for hope

Powerful, Mighty
Sharing, Caring, Loving
Thank for everything
Lamb of God 





The Communion of Thank You!

This last Sunday was Homecoming Sunday!  Homecoming Sunday is the Sunday that we return from our summer fun, our wanderings, and our projects (finished and unfinished).  Sunday school begins, the Choir returns in full voice, Youth Group enthusiastically begins, and we worship and share in communion together. 

My heart was renewed in every way, through communion this Sunday. The pure welcome of everyone, especially the children, to share in the moment together.  Children spilled into the center isle of the sanctuary to sit and listen to Pastor Jan share the familiar story.  To watch the breaking of the bread, to witness the lifting of the cup, and to experience being invited to God's table with open arms.  

Sitting next to me on the floor, was Wesley.  He's in Kindergarten. While we sat and listened to the story of communion being shared with us, he leaned over to ask me........"Does everyone get a piece?" referring to the bread.  "Yes, everyone gets a piece." I said back. Wesley was comforted and very pleased.  Everyone gets a piece. What a simple thought that is, but it holds within it such great meaning. 

Wesley and I made our way forward to share in the feast of God's love.  Pastor Jan bent down low to offer the plate and God's Peace (or Piece) to Wesley.  As Wesley took his piece, he responded out loud, "Thank you very much".  He meant it.  Yes, it was good manners, but I could tell that he was thankful for  the piece that was meant just for him.  A share of God's love, set aside just for Wesley.  

I however, was taken by surprise.  'Thank you'.  I've never said 'Thank you' out loud while receiving communion.  I'm of course thankful, but I'm always in my own head, making meaningful sense of the symbolic and ancient ritual.  An expression of faithful response to what Jesus asked us to do, remember Him.  But never once have I said 'Thank you'.  And in that moment during worship, I renewed the spirit of communion within myself, by following the lead of a Kindergartner.  I said "Thank you" and I meant it. Thankful for all the ways, Jesus has opened my eyes and heart to an ever-present, inviting, welcoming God.

Thank you too Wesley! 






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