LENT for Families Guide
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 2:15PM


Available at RBCC this Sunday and through out LENT, families can pick up 'The Illustrated Lent Guide for Families' which invites families to focus intentionally on the spiritual discipline of prayer during the Lenten season. By exploring different Gospel passages of Jesus engaged in prayer, families will be encouraged to learn new ways to expand and enrich their experiences of prayer, individually, as a family, and in community.  Each week includes at scripture story with prayer, activity and coloring page.


Week 1: Jesus Prayed Alone
Scripture: Mark 1:35

Week 2: Jesus Prayed During Special Times
Scripture: Luke 3:21-22

Week 3: Jesus Prayed When He Needed Help
Scripture: Luke 6:12-13

Week 4: Jesus Prayed With a Thankful Heart
Scripture: Matthew 14:19-21

Week 5: Jesus Taught Others to Pray
Scripture: Luke 11:1-4

Week 6: Jesus Prayed in Community
Scripture: Luke 19:37-38

Week 7: Christ is Risen! Peace be with you!
Scripture: John 20:18-22

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