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Homecoming Sundy, September 16th

In the fall, we all “come back”: from vacations, from kids being at home, from sunny days at the beach, from wherever and however we spent our summer days! “JOY AND HAPPINESS” will be our theme.  The choir will be back, leading off the year with a joyful song.  The RBCC Youth will host a lunch immediately after worship on Homecoming Sunday to share with the congregation about their Mission Trip to Hollywood, CA. 

Stay for lunch.  See and hear the youth's thoughts about their experiences while serving the marginalized populations on Skid Row and throughout Hollywood.  They had many powerful experiences that they look forward to sharing with everyone!

Ask a neighbor to join you, bring a friend.  We will be celebrating our return to fall in a big way. Consider joining the adult choir, bible study, even a board if you aren’t on one.  Join in as we get back into the swing of our fall lives at RBCC UCC!!!!

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