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    Honoring Edwin T. Pratt continues.....

    In the coming months the Shoreline School Board will be deciding on a name for the new Early Learning Center.  The naming committee will be providing the board with 3 different name options, one of which we hope will be Edwin T. Pratt Early Learning Center. 

    If you submitted a nomination, thank you very much.  In order to achieve this goal we are asking supporters to write to  Shoreline School Board President David Wilson (and other board members if you wish) to encourage the selection of Edwin T. Pratt for the name of the new building. The Board e-mail address is or you can mail a letter to  Shoreline School Board 18560 1st Ave. NE Shoreline, WA 98155.  

    Also please save the evenings of May 7th and May 21st for joining us at the school board meeting for a show of support (more details to follow).  Please feel free to pass this on to others who may be interested. Thank you so much for your help in honoring this civil rights leader from our community, Sarah Haycox

    Hear from Sarah herself in the following news story that ran on Easter Sunday:



    Update on Edwin T. Pratt Center for Early Learning

    "Hello, my name is Sarah and as most of you know I have been working for the past year to name a school after Edwin T. Pratt.   Last month the district agreed to form a naming committee.  I was selected to be a member of the committee.  The committee is accepting name nominations through Friday March 30th.  If you would like to support naming the building the "Edwin T. Pratt Center for Early Learning" or have a different idea you can go to the link below to submit your entry.  Thanks for your support!"

    If you are wanting to know more about Edwin T. Pratt for your nomination, here is an example of a submitted nomination that has information that might be useful:

    Edwin T Pratt was the former Executive Director of the Urban Metropolitan League of Seattle, father, Civil Rights activist and Shoreline resident. He was a pioneer in growing the Seattle Urban League (now ULMS), was pivotal in implementing the Equal Opportunity Act in the Greater Seattle area, fought housing discrimination, segregation, employment bias, and police brutality. He intentionally moved to Shoreline with his family to highlight the segregation within housing communities. He was shot and killed in Shoreline, at his home near the Shoreline library. As a district, we have the opportunity honor his legacy by making the Early Learning Center a space where we signify & commemorate our commitment to erasing the opportunity gap, beginning at the earliest and most critical stages of education, and growing future citizens who are informed and involved. Lastly, I support Sarah, the current 4th grader whose idea this was originally--I am happy to add my voice behind this student who is taking the lead!


    Peace and Justice Update

     On June 19th Sarah, and many supporters from the RBCC UCC Congregation, presented a petition to the Shoreline School Board.  The petition had over 2,000 signatures requesting that the Shoreline School District name/rename a building after slain civil rights leader and Shoreline resident Edwin T. Pratt.  In addition to Sarah, several members of the church and the community spoke passionately and convincingly about the life and mission of Edwin Pratt and why naming a building in honor of him was an appropriate decision.  If you were not able to attend that meeting, don't worry, this is an ongoing effort and Sarah will likely be back before the board in the Fall to keep this moving forward.  Feel free to write or meet with your local school board representative to let them know your feelings about this issue.



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