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Maundy Thursday Service

Our communion table tonight is Jesus’ Table of Welcome, an inspiring art installation by liturgical artist Kris Garratt.  It consists of a table and 13 chairs seated at the table, 12 of which represent segments of society that have been considered outcast or excluded.  Members and friends of Seattle’s University Congregational Church were asked to offer suggestions as to who should be represented at this table, a table of inclusion, and what items should be present on the table itself.  Those suggestions were used to create the table and each chair.  Congregational input was also requested for the representation of Jesus.  Jesus was described visually as “partying, laughing, Middle Eastern, welcoming, and edgy (Black, female, ethnic).  His face is a composite image including many of these elements.  Most people giving their suggestions felt Jesus should be portrayed as a prophet among leaders of other faiths.  That suggestion was incorporated by displaying the Golden Rule from different faith traditions on the back side of his chair.  We are very grateful to Kris Garrett for providing the table for our use during Holy Week. 

Maundy Thursday

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