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For a Time Such as This

Every year in late winter Jews celebrate the Feast of Purim to commemorate their deliverance from those in a position to destroy them. The story of Esther is the story of how that feast came into being. The Jews, already living in exile in Persia in the 4th century BCE, are first threatened with extermination and then granted vindication thanks to the heroic efforts of Queen Esther. (The Spiritual Formation Bible) The story of Esther is not very well known in Protestant circles and is often critiqued for its lack of specific religious content. God is not named in the story except in the Greek version which was written later with additions that specifically refer to how God is evident in Esther’s actions.

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Divine Wisdom

I imagine that most of us here are familiar with the famous painting by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel of God touching Adam. If I were more techno-savvy and had all the right tools I would have loved to project it on a big screen in front of you right now! But I don’t. So perhaps you can try and picture it in your mind and trust me when I say that in the painting, tucked under the right arm of God is a woman. God and the woman are surrounded by chubby cherubs, angels who float with God and this woman in the clouds. It is thought that the woman in the painting is Wisdom, the Wisdom who is spoken of in Proverbs – Lady Wisdom, also known as “Sophia” in Greek.

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