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Stewardship Update

Dear Members and Friends of RBCC

As of this writing, we have just completed our Stewardship Sunday phase of our annual Pledge Campaign to garner Operating funds for the mission of our Church. We wish to graciously thank all of our Congregation who have turned in their pledge cards for 2013.  It was an inspiring sight to see individuals and couples coming forward to deliver pledge cards. Also inspiring was the fact that many of you who responded have been able to increase your pledge over last year.   

The amount gathered so far is approximately $168,000 based on 80 returned pledges.  According to our records, usually we receive approximately 165 pledges, not all on Stewardship Sunday.  We need, according to our latest budget forecast approximately $315,000 in pledges to sustain our church operations, so as you can see we are barely half way there and our needs are still for another $147,000 in pledges.

So this is a plea to those of you who are still considering your pledge for the coming year.  Our Church needs your support.  You are always in our prayers, and welcome whether your monetarily support us or not, but please, if you are able, return your pledge card as soon as possible, and search your hearts for a way to increase that pledge.

Peace, Love, respect...in Action

Your Stewardship Board

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