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RBCC Youth Garage Sale! 

Clear out your clutter and donate to the RBCC Youth Group Garage Sale! Donations still needed and accepted now! (no clothing please) 
Shop the Garage Sale Saturday May 19th from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Your support helps 17 RBCC youth raise funds for their Summer Mission Trip.


Lent Series for RBCC Adults and Youth

A new collaborative Lenten series offered in tandem for all RBCC Adults, Parents, and Youth! 

  • Ever felt the judgement of another person or group of people? 
  • Ever feel bad about yourself or feel like you can't be your authentic self? 
  • Is there something about you that you wish no one would find out about? 

It's not just you...

During LENT we will practice the art of Letting Go...of embarrassment, of shame, of feeling less than. 

We will practice taking on pride, confidence, and self-worth.  Life opens up when you do!

We will do this Youth Group Style!  Creative conversation starters, games, activities, crafts, prayers, food and laughs!  

RBCC Adults/Parents will share in their own gathering on the same topics. 

Spiritually Creative Conversations and Activities for Wholeness of Self and Wholeness of Community! 









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